Harvey Weinstein: The Complete List of Allegations

Harvey Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein has been at the centre of a string of rape and sexual assault allegations. We investigate each of the more than thirty allegations against the once powerful Hollywood producer.

Harvey Weinstein is a film producer who has been in the headlines recently as the man at the center of a string of rape and sexual assault allegations.  He was the co-founder of film production company Miramax, which he founded with his brother. The studio has produced a numerous Hollywood hits. Now, more than thirty-three women, including famous Hollywood actresses have come forward and accused Weinstein of sexual assault and rape cases.

While more than 30 women have made allegations against Harvey Weinstein, the number is growing each day. In this article, we will cover the complete timeline of the allegations made against the film producer Harvey Weinstein. Although Harvey has denied all the allegations here is the complete list of allegations made against Harvey Weinstein.


Harvey was first accused in 1984 when a 20 year old actress Tomi Ann Roberts meet Harvey in the New York hotel room to discuss a film. According to the actress, Weinstein was sitting nude in his bathtub when he asked Tomi Ann to bare her breasts. But she left the hotel room very next moment.


Then in 1988 Lisa Rose, who was 22 years old back then and an assistant in Miramax office were sent for work In Savoy Hotel where Weinstein was alone in the suite. Lisa told the media that Harvey Weinstein asked her to give him a back massage, but she leaves the space immediately.

Before 1990:

It was around 1990 when a 17 year old British actress came up with an allegation. It was Kate Beckinsale, who went to meet Harvey in the same hotel named as Savoy hotel. Kate was asked by the receptionist to go to his room, and on reaching the room, Harvey opened the door while he was in his bathrobe. He offered her alcohol, but she left the room saying she has school in the morning. Kate also included that Harvey reached her back after a few years and asked if he’d made advances at the London hotel. Kate Beckinsale has also posted this whole incident on the twitter as well.

In the meantime, an actress Rosanna Arquette alleged Weinstein that he asked her to give him a massage in the Beverly Hills hotel when she went there to pick up a movie script. Harvey assaulted Another English actress named Sophie Dix in The Savoy Hotel. She was there to suggest the film, but Weinstein pins her down on the bed. Dix said she locked herself in the bathroom and when she opened the door she saw Harvey masturbating. The room service helped her to flee from the room.

1991 – 1994:

In 1991 Laura Madden, an employee was assaulted by the Harvey in Dublin and London and in 1993, a 23 years old actress Katherine Kendall told the New York Times that she was called for a business meeting in Harvey’s apartment when Harvey appeared nude from the bathroom and chased her to see her breasts. Gwyneth Paltrow back in 1994 shared the same story of massage, but she refuses the offer. She told that her boyfriend, Brad Pitt confronted him soon after.

1995 – 1996:

Liza Campbell, a writer, was in her mid-thirties when she wrote about her assault in Sunday Times of London. She wrote that Weinstein asked her to join for the bath in Savoy hotel while he was undressing.

It was Mira Sorvino who became the next victim of Harvey’s assault. Weinstein in a hotel started to massage her shoulders, but she somehow convinced him to leave by telling him that his boyfriend is coming over. Florence Darel also claims that Weinstein asked her to go with him if she wants to appear in movies.

In 1996 Judith Godreche attended a meeting with Weinstein in a hotel room along with his staff. When the staff left the room, Judith was suggested to give him a massage which she refused instantly and left the room.


In 1997 many actresses came up with accusations against Harvey Weinstein. Zoe Brock was the first who was chased by naked Harvey Weinstein in his suite. According to Zoe, Harvey convinced her to stay for the night, and she left the suite in the morning.

Claire wrote a tweet in which she described how Harvey talked about the actresses he has slept with and how he offers her to spend a night with him which she ducked multiple times. Asia Argento, an Italian film actress, met Harvey at Miramax party when he took her to the hotel room and gave her a massage. She also included that he forced her legs apart and started to perform oral sex while she was protesting.

1998 – 1990:

As mentioned earlier that the allegations continue to increase with the time. In 1998, Zelda Perkins, an assistant reported inappropriate treatment of Weinstein while in 1990, one of the famous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie wrote an email to the New York Times in which he informed media about the rejection of unwanted advances from Weinstein.

2000 – 2008:

Actresses Melissa Sage Miller, Romola Garai, was in the same hotel situation in 2000. Although they met Harvey at different occasions, they have to go through the same massage situation. Heather Graham, a known Hollywood actress, was sexually assaulted when Harvey told the actress that his wife has allowed him to sleep with any women when he is out of town.

In 2003, Dawn Dunning, Minka Kelly and in 2004 Lucia Evans became the victim of Harvey’s sexual assault. Lucia was a college student back then when she was forced by the Harvey to perform oral sex. In 2004, Harvey also attempted to kiss and flirt with Lea Seydoux but didn’t succeed.

It all started again when many actresses, i.e. Angie Evergart, Lauren Sivan and Sarah Ann Masse announce in the media that Harvey sexually assaults them.

2010 – 2015:

In 2010 another famous Hollywood actress Cara Delevingne posted a tweet in which she described how she was forced by Harvey to the hotel room and how she managed to escape the place. Cara also included that he warns her that he could restrict or damage her career.

Jessica Barth in 2011 become verbal about her sexual assault when Harvey asked her for a naked massage. In 2014, Emily Nestor who was an employee became the victim when he asked her for sex to offer her a good career.

The latest accusation against Harvey was recorded in 2015. Ambra Battilana called the police and claimed that Weinstein has grabbed her breasts and put his hand up her skirt. Lauren O’Connor, a colleague of Harvey and an employee of Weinstein Co. was allegedly harassed by Weinstein when he was naked.


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